Medical ID – In Case of Emergency (ICE) v7.11.0 [Paid]

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Medical ID allows creating medical profiles that are accessible from the lock screen of your device. In case of emergency, the app enables quick access to vital information such as your allergies, blood type, medical contacts, etc. that are essential to attending first responders, medics or medical staff having to take action.

The app includes several features:

• Quick access to medical information from your lock screen.
• Emergency alert feature to send SMS in one click (with your estimated location).
• Direct emergency contacts call from the lock screen without having to unlock.
• Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation.
• Current location (address, GPS coordinates).
• Compass.

In emergency situations, a Medical ID could prove to be invaluable to attending medics or other medical personnel providing treatment. Do not wait, turn your Android device into a life-saving tool.

Terms of use:
Privacy policy:

Note that your medical information remains on your device. Thus, you are responsible for this information and its use. Requested permissions are used for the described features only, not to collect data against your will.

We recommend that you try out the free version before purchasing the premium. Indeed, the app may not work properly on some devices running a customized Android version or making use of apps that “clean up” or kill other apps. The same may apply to devices with specific security settings.

Please contact us by email if you have any questions, or file an issue at:

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